What Is Causing My Neck Pain?

Having neck pain alone can be quite uncomfortable, especially if it involves stiffness and reduced head mobility. Sometimes, a headache is also present, and additional problems may include increased pain, visual disturbances, concentration issues, or dizziness.

Several conditions can cause neck pain. Getting an accurate diagnosis is important in order to successfully manage the condition and reduce pain.

When is Neck Pain Serious?

The neck—or cervical spine—is a coordinated network of nerves, bones, joints, and muscles directed by the brain and the spinal cord. It is designed for strength, stability, and nerve communication. The day-to-day agony of having pain in your neck can really interfere with your quality of life in a negative way.

Most instances of neck pain will go away within a few days or weeks, but pain that persists for months could signal an underlying medical cause that needs to be addressed—in some instances early intervention is required for the best results.

Neck pain can feel like any of the following:

  • Stiffness that makes turning the head difficult;
  • Sharp or stabbing pain in one spot;
  • Soreness or tenderness in a general area;
  • Pain that radiates down into the shoulders, arms, or fingers; or radiates up into the head.

In some cases, symptoms associated with the neck pain are even more problematic, such as:

  • Tingling, numbness, or weakness that radiates into the shoulder, arms, or fingers;
  • Trouble with gripping or lifting objects;
  • Problems with walking, balance, or coordination:
  • Loss of bladder or bowel control.

Neck pain might be minor and easily ignored, or it can be excruciating to the point where it interferes with important daily activities or sleep. The pain might be short-lived, come and go, or become constant. While not common, neck pain can also be a signal of a serious underlying medical issue, such as meningitis, or cancer.

Alleviating Neck Pain

Neck pain can sometimes be alleviated with rest, icing the area, or improving posture, but that’s often not enough. If you’re suffering from neck pain or any other type of acute or chronic pain and are looking for a way to alleviate or eliminate your pain altogether, we are here to help with a non-surgical solution.

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